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CPG Automation Made Easy

Venice Automation is a design and services group that provides solutions for self-manufacturing CPG startups and small businesses

Venice Automation is a manufacturing process improvement and product design innovation group located in Los Angeles, California. We offer our clients competitive gains through product design, mechanical and electrical engineering, and manufacturing liaison expertise.

No matter where you find yourself in the automation lifecycle, our Venice Automation team stands at the ready. Our expertise extends from maintaining or upgrading an existing system, to designing and implementing a state-of-the art automation solution.



From strategy to execution, our winning combination of innovative thinking, scientific design, sophisticated development, and ongoing analysis ensure we’re delivering value to help you grow.

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Product Research

Our process includes both market and design research to help ensure success. We will help you conduct research, develop concepts, create prototypes, and execute tests so that you can make well-informed, data-based decisions on the best next steps to elevate and enhance your process.

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Design & Innovation

Customized solutions and expert design. From the initial design phase to prototype, production and beyond, we are ready to meet your program needs. From reverse engineering, augmentation and alteration to building first-to-market technology, we custom tailor each experience based on your unique needs.

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Production & Manufacturing

We couple our unparalleled knowledge of automation technology with our hard-earned ability to discern automation requirements. We make existing systems perform at optimal efficiency and productivity to achieve maximum profitability and we know just when and how to migrate your automation system to the next step.





Each of our client relationships is built on a partnership of success. We approach your project with the goal of creating an amazing product and everything that goes with it.

Ready to work together?

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